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Localizing E-Learning Courses

Written by Javier Arizpe

May 14, 2021

Benefits of Localizing E-Learning Courses

Now, we are more connected than ever. This has made having an Internet connection a primary necessity, since we interact, work, and learn through the network. In this last aspect, online courses have found a privileged place that has allowed them to grow and expand. They have many advantages, but also they have their challenges when it comes to implementation, especially if they need to be adapted from one language to another.

In this post, I will talk about what e-Learning courses are, their benefits, and why it is important to take localization into account when requesting professional translation services. What you need to know about localization and transcreation is in this other post. You are welcome to read it so you understand this concept entirely.


What Are E-Learning Courses?

E-Learning is the process of learning and training within a virtual environment. It uses digital resources to its advantage to allow both professors and students to exchange content and information just by accessing the network. Among the resources used we can find: audios, videos, pictures, online games, interactive apps, live classes, platforms, etc.

Thanks to e-Learning, courses reach a wider scope, since they are no longer tied to a geographic location. Likewise, there is no limit to the number of students and schedules can be as flexible as required. Access is much simpler since only a device with an Internet connection is needed, which has proven the effectiveness of this type of course.


E-Learning Course Localization

Imagine that your company is about to get international certification. The last thing you need is your partners taking an online course on quality, however, some of them live in the same city as you, and others live in the US. What shall you do? Are you going to plan two courses and make a double effort or give only one despite cultural barriers? How do you make sure all get the same information if they don’t speak the same language?

The answer is localization. Don’t forget that a good translation agency does not simply translate a text literally, but takes care to give it coherence and a cultural context. Localization is precisely the latter, as American culture is not the same as Hispanic or Asian culture is not the same as European culture.

Therefore, it is important to consider localization when requesting professional translation services. If you want your e-Learning courses to succeed, you must make sure that the translation agency you hire has experts in the area that are able to provide you this type of service. After all, linguistic confusions can lead to misinterpretations that, at best, would cause you to waste valuable time trying to clarify them. This sounds almost impossible until you lose a big opportunity due to a bad translation.

At Traduality Language Solutions we can offer you our high-quality e-Learning course localization service, because we not only help you avoid cultural mistakes and linguistic misunderstandings, but we also make sure that your courses are culturally adapted to the language you need, whether they are texts, images, or videos, we will work on them carefully. Feel free to contact us for further information!

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