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Written by Javier Arizpe

September 23, 2020

Advantages of translating your e-commerce products

Translating your e-commerce products for specific international market needs allows you to build your brand’s reputation and put yourself on the podium as a true market specialist.

Become a market leader

E-commerce buyers from China consult different countries to buy different products. Through the Internet, they buy beauty, health, and nutrition products from France, opt for the United States for the purchase of mother and baby care items, and prefer South Korea to get fashionable clothes.

It is a market (like many others) that needs the translation of the products people are looking for, so they can buy more comfortably.

If a foreign-speaking person enters your store and sees the names of the products in their native language, they will certainly feel more comfortable browsing and making a purchase.


Translate what you need

If you haven’t translated your entire website yet, you can start with some specific product lines and in certain languages (depending on the market you are aiming at). This will help the user navigate through your online store.

When ordering a translation, check with your agency if you will be charged for duplicate content. It is important to know this because, in the electronic commerce sector, many words and phrases are repeated over time, such as: ‘coat’, ‘summer season’, ‘offer of the day.’


Sell more on special days

The success of Black Friday has created two legacies. First, it has become a “celebration” all over the world, and secondly, other special shopping days have been created after it all over the world.

If you can translate specific e-commerce products, you’ll be preparing for every-day global shopping.


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