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May 15, 2020

Advances in machine translation: Is it a risk for translators?


Machine translation has come into our lives and we know that there is no way to escape it. Of course, this implies that as time goes on, it will be perfected, updated and expanded to encompass a larger number of languages.

This is an issue that translators cannot ignore, as translation needs, in an increasingly globalized world, are soaring. This may seem a risk to professionals, however, the reality is that having a universal translator which understands double meanings and expressions in all existing languages, can only exist in a sci-fi movie.

So, for those who are a little restless about the future of the translator’s profession, you can calm down because machine translation will never replace manual translation, although it can accelerate and improve it.

What do we have nowadays?

We are aware that machine translation has been used for a few years, and is not very different from Computer Assisted Translation tools (CAT tools), because they take content already translated into the translation memory to transmit texts into another language.

By integrating machine translation engines with assisted translation tools, we improve professional practice, increase productivity and thus generate more revenue, if we see it from a business point of view.

Artificial intelligence plays a key role in the advancement of automatic translation and that is why more and more companies undertake this path and more users can carry an automatic translator in their pocket.


Machine translation as a companion for the professional translator

For now, we are aware that the precision with which a person can translate and the contextual knowledge contributed to the text is something that computer systems cannot yet achieve.

However, if you are a translation professional, you must always be aware of the technological advances that are achieved in the area, since many of the tools created serve as a help for your work.

Both computer assisted translation tools and machine translation programs can become your best friends if you know how to use them properly.


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