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September 23, 2020

7 key tips when looking for Translation Services


Today’s world is becoming more and more global thanks to the Internet, and we get to know about the work of many different companies from countries far away from our own, through our screens.

It is important to notice that these web pages appear in different languages to reach a greater number of people. So, if you want to get into the international market you must have your business website translated in different languages, as well as, other company documents like your CV, portfolio, and manuals.

But, how can you find and hire companies that offer translation services? We’ll explain you the process a little bit and give you some tips below so that your translated documents be of the highest quality and meet your expectations.

Find the ideal Company

Through the Internet you can find different (local and global) companies that offer translation services. You’ll decide if you prefer working with them from afar or to be able to go to their office.

Nevertheless, before making any deal or request any translation services, it is very important to confirm that the company you are dealing with is trustworthy, if it has good references and, if possible, request sample of their work to check its quality.


Consider the languages to be translated.

You must take into account the language combination you will request (for example: Spanish-English), and, above all, take into account the language in which your text is going to be translated. Ask the company if they work with native translators, so you can be certain that the translation will be correct and written in a natural style, because the ideal is that the target audience read the translation as if it were an original text. The translation must be impeccable.


Check the material to be translated.

Before requesting translation services, it is essential to revise and approve the definitive text which is going to be translated. Don’t ask for the translation of a document that is just a draft to save time, maybe you’ll need to modify it after sending it to the translation company, and you’ll spend more money by requesting the translation of the new document.

If you do this, you’ll be probably paying unnecessarily for the translation of paragraphs that will be modified or eliminated from the final document, you’ll have to extend their deadline because the company will need more time to revise and correct the changes. In addition, there is a higher chance for errors in the translation because there were different original versions.


Schedule the right deadline.

In the world of translations, rush jobs aren’t a good thing because short deadlines can cost you more money. That is why it is advisable to properly organize and schedule the deadlines, so that your translation is delivered at the right time without expending more money.

Keep in mind that translating requires a lot of concentration, preparation, research and edition to convey the information without errors that can affect the client. It should be noted that this work is being made by humans, so the quantity of words that can be translated per day is not infinite.

Therefore, if you do not want to affect the quality of the translated documents, it’s better to set clear and appropriate deadlines according to the amount of words.


Check for special requirements.

If what you want to translate is not a common document, but an official or certified translation, check the requirements, procedures and type of format before requesting the service.

Certified translations can only be made by translators endorsed by the Government of each country, so, first of all, you should also ask the company if they can offer this service, otherwise a regular translation will not be useful for you.


Keep in touch with the company.

If you have any doubts, clarify them with the company (or the translator), and tell them all the details that you think are important for the translation of your documents. Do not leave anything unclear or take for granted that things will be done in a specific way.

If you have some style rules or there are particular terms that should not be translated or have already been translated and you want to keep them, it is important to tell it when hiring the service.

You can also explain any other relevant details that you think might affect the final delivery. For example, make sure the company knows who will be the target audience of that translation.


Ask for the same translator.

If you liked the result of the translation, we recommend you for later assignments to always go with the same provider, because they will already have experience with your business’ documents, they know what you want, the format you need, the style and your expectations.

There are many other aspects to take into account when hiring translation services, however, these are the most important and we hope they’ll help you when you decide to do so. If you found this interesting and think that it can be useful for someone else, share these tips with them. Remember, hiring a translation shouldn’t be a nightmare.


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