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Written by Javier Arizpe

September 23, 2020

5 things you didn’t know about the translation process


A translator’s work goes deeper than what is seen over the surface. In fact the translation process can only be the first half of the whole task, because the final result required much more work than you can imagine.

Have you ever requested for the translation of your website or your company documents, manuals or personal writings? Would you like to know what else does your translator has to do to deliver an impeccable work? Keep reading and find it out.


Compilation of support material.

Human beings aren’t perfect and we don’t possess all the knowledge in the world, for this reason, to start with the translation process it is necessary to get glossaries and related literature.

Of course, the task gets easier when the translator specializes in the subject. The more they know about the subject, the easier it will be the translation process. However, it will always be necessary to have support material at hand in order to finish the assignment.

This previous step to get documents and information is quite important for delivering a quality work. Therefore, if the client explains the context of the subject, the target audience, (among other details) in detail the better will be the final translation.


Clearing up doubts

If there is any doubt about the terminology used in the text, it’s translator’s task to investigate it thoroughly to clear them up. For example, if the translator’s assignment is to translate a few chapters of a thesis, they will need to know the general subject to get a clearer idea for their work. If it is an article to be published in a magazine, it is essential to know what magazine it is and what their writing style is.

It takes time to read the rest of the content. All of these small details are important for the success of the translation process.


Ready, set, go! Let’s translate!

Here starts the first half of the work, as we talked about it at the beginning. The translator begins the translation task, as good as possible, to the language requested by the client. In addition, the translator should also edit and format the translated document so that it looks like the original.

At this stage, doubts should also revised and clarified, if they are persistent or there are certain inconsistencies or errors within the original document. Doubts are asked directly to the client to avoid any inconveniences when delivering it.


Carefully reread and review.

Immediately after finishing the translation, the translator starts the editing process to correct possible spelling mistakes, fast typing errors and format the document. This process also takes time, especially if it is a long text.


Final steps

Depending on whether the translator works as a freelancer or for a company, the translated and revised document can be sent directly to the client (for freelancers), or referred to a final editor who makes sure that every detail of the text is correct (for companies).

Now you know that a translator’s work is not as easy as it seems. If you are a client looking for specialized translators, now you can understand a little bit more about this great profession and all that it implies. And if you are a translator, we invite you to visit our Facebookweb page to discuss your experience and let us know if there is any step in the translation process we have been skipping in our article.


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