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Benefits of a translation vendor

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February 14, 2022

5 benefits of having a translation vendor

Acquiring professional translation services might represent huge benefits for your business, from standing out from the competition to accurately adapting your marketing strategies. However, there is this doubt about what is more convenient: hiring that service once or, on the contrary, it is better to request many projects at once. In this article, I will talk about the benefits you might obtain from hiring a professional translation vendor and how you can make the most of them in order for your project to grow.

Before we start, I invite you to read this other article about how to distinguish a professional translator, since taking that into account, is essential when choosing the best option for you and your business.


Why having a vendor?

Remember that translation agencies might help you with anything you need, either manuals, articles, product descriptions, or marketing strategies. They can also get your web sites translated or include a key word translator in their services. With this, it is highly probable that your project will make it to the markets flawlessly. At the same time, your clients will trust you and ask for your services and products without even blinking.

The fact that professional translation services might help you grow your business is a huge benefit. However, you could get even more advantages if you cared about hiring a translation vendor. The 5 most important reasons are listed below:


Discounts in your services

Translation agencies usually offer attractive translation packages with a great variety of options. The more you work with them, the better the discounts will be, along with the services they can offer you.


Language Availability

A good translation vendor will always count with a network of translators who are capable of working with different languages, which means that no matter the language you need, they can help you and offer you a high quality service.



Whether you have a technical manual, a post for your web site, or a slogan, you should not worry, for there are translators with a specialization in certain topics, just as there are translators who work with specific languages. By having a translation vendor, you won’t have to look for an expert, for the translation agency you hire will designate the one who is perfect for you.


Agility and speed along with quality

Agencies are used to work with a great volume of translations, therefore, they are highly organized and have concrete deadlines. You shouldn’t worry about possible missing deadlines, nor about the translation quality. Everything is well calculated.


Effective Communication and High Availability

By having a translation vendor, you will be able to request projects regardless the time or the day, since the importance of client-translator communication is an essential topic for translation agencies. If you want to know more about that, you can check this article where you can find details about this topic, which has been an issue more than once in the business world.

As you can see, a vendor will facilitate the processes in order for you to obtain the translation you need.

In Traduality Language Solutions we have a great variety of services, from basic localization, multilingual glossaries, and text editing to Quality Assurance, Proofreading, translation memories, and IA and API access. It doesn’t matter what you need, we can offer you a personalized package or service for your business. Contact us and experience all of these benefits!

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