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Increase the Reach of Your Brand 

Use subtitling, closed captioning, voice-over, and transcription as standalone services or combine them with your localization strategy for your customers to fully perceive your brand and products as local and trustworthy.

Traduality: Translation agency for translation services, certified translators, simultaneous interpreters, subtitling, closed captioning services, transcription, website translation, video game translation, mobile applications translation, e-learning translation, and more.

Subtitling, Transcription, and Closed Captioning Services

Complementing your localization and marketing strategy with subtitling, voice-over or closed captioning services helps your customers to further perceive your brand and products as trusthworthy and local, which helps you at the same time increase your sales revenue and ROI.

Use transcription to keep written records of interviews, market research sessions, further complement your customer service quality and even protect yourself from liability.

Subtitling & Closed Captioning

Reach international viewers or the hearing impaired with internationally accepted subtitles.

Reach a wider international audience by just adding subtitles to your video productions. Whether your videos are aimed at employees or country-specific customers, professional subtitling is the perfect way for viewers to fully understand and enjoy your work without altering the original audio.


Offer engaging products that communicate with your customers in their language, including their native accent.

Have a professional actor record your corporate videos and product’s voice-strings to create an immersive experience. We have spent over a decade creating a worldwide network of reliable voice actors, actresses, and professional recording studios to meet your recording expectations.


Get your audios and videos automatically transcribed or have a professional transcriber do it for customized results.

Traduality can be your best transcriptions partner for creating written records of interviews, corporate meetings, marketing research sessions, medical sessions, phone calls for legal purposes, and more.