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Localization Makes You Local and Trustworthy

Localization goes deeper than translation. This service is your best choice when you want your brand and products to reach customers from different cultures or different geographic regions, and you want to adapt them to their language and culture.

Localization Services

Make your brand and products blend into your customers’ daily lives and culture with testing and localization services completely tailored to your needs and resources. Our team creates a winning strategy according to the languages of your choice, your industry, and the culture of the target markets. 

We make sure you find in us a valuable partner for your most important projects by guaranteeing that your product hits your intended market succesfully thanks to our wide range of localization related services.

Website Localization

Website localization goes way beyond translating the web content your visitors see.

We translate your web content bearing in mind your target market geographic location and language. In addition to what’s on the surface, we also take care of localizing your downloadable files, adding subtitles or voice-over to your videos, translating images and icons, and even translating your SEO into any language.

Video Game Localization

Creating and launching a successful video game is one of the most demanding and fulfilling projects.

You need a highly experienced and passionate localization team, capable of assisting your developers and marketing team in making your game a stunning success, one that speaks the language of your players and sells successfully in the geographic regions of your choice. Traduality’s team has the experience and resources to meet your localization expectations along with LQA, UI testing, voice-over, and more.

Application Localization

Developing bug-free applications is second to none in terms of difficult endeavors.

Localize your content with native translators experienced in the subject matter of your product, and make sure your application gets translated and tested by demanding professionals. Traduality’s team has the experience and resources to meet your expectations and provide you with LQA, UI testing, and more.

E-Learning Localization

Just translating your e-learning courses is not enough. You need to make sure your content is compatible with your employees’ culture and language.

Create culturally adaptable e-learning courses that speak your employees’ native language. Traduality helps you avoid cultural liabilities and linguistic misunderstandings by making sure your e-learning courses’ texts, images, UI, and other content work for on your favor in every country.     

API Compatibility

The regular translation service process involves requesting pricing quotes constantly as well as back and forth email communications. Tackle this inefficient way of receiving services by enabling us to connect to your CMS or development platform.

Our API connectors are compatible with popular CMS and git-repositories such as WordPress, Magento, Github, and GitLab. You can also automate the localization workflow for version updates.