Translate Your Website With Traduality + WPML

Save on web development costs by using Traduality + WPML plugin for WordPress websites. You can now translate your website into one or multiple languages without worrying about coding.

Traduality: Translation agency for localization services, certified translators, simultaneous interpreters, subtitling, transcription, website translation, video game translation, mobile applications translation, e-learning translation, and more.

Website Translation Services With Traduality + WPML

The cost of website translation services usually comes attached to paying a web developer to upload and implement your translations. Traduality’s compatibility with the WordPress Multilingual or WPML plugin helps you save on web development costs by automating the implementation of your translated web pages into your website. Now, you can easily synchronize our translations with your website yourself or rely on our team for a fraction of the cost you would usually pay on web development fees.

We make sure you find in us a valuable partner for your website translation needs. Get your website translated in any language today, using the WPML plugin and Traduality.

Cost Effective

Every time you send content for translation, you save on web development costs.


Translate pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even the theme’s texts.


Easily send and receive translations on your own. We can also do it for you.

Translate Your Website in 4 Simple Steps

1. Get the WPML Plugin and Install It

Buy, download, and install the WPML plugin for WordPress websites by clicking here.

WPML and Traduality

2. Link Traduality to Your WPML Plugin

Request a private API token by filling out the form below, and enter it in your WPML plugin. 
WPML to Traduality

3. Send Web Pages for Translation

Use WPML’s user-friendly interface to easily send Traduality content for translation.

Traduality to WPML

4. Receive Your Translated Content

Traduality sends back your translated web pages through WPML. No coding required!

Request Your API Token Today

    Professional Translators Working on Your Site

    Translate your website with reliable professional translators specialized in the subject matter of your needs.

    Traduality has a network of over 1,000 professional translators specialized in a myriad of subject matters and offering services in over 60 languages. We make sure your website feels like it was designed in your customers’ native language!

    Localization Services

    Several Pricing Options

    Because we care about you getting closer to your customers and visitors, we designed several pricing options, so you can afford professional translations whether you are a startup or a fortune 500 company!