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Communicate Clearly with On-site or Remote Interpreting 

Get a professional interpreter with vast knowledge in the subject matter of your needs. We have a worldwide network of interpreters; you can focus entirely on planning the rest of your conference, meeting or corporate event.

Interpreting Services

Finding the ideal interpreter for your needs is one of those tasks that can easily end up becoming frustrating and time consuming. You can come across non professionals offering services as professionals, damaging your business meeting or big conference at the last minute.

With over 10 years in the business of organizing interpreting services, we have come to create a worldwide network of reliable professional interpreters, each highly experienced doing what they do best: Language Interpreting. We can be your ideal partner in language interpreting regardless of where in the world you need a local or remote interpreter.

In addition to providing you with professional interpreting services, you can also rely on us for sound, microphones, multimedia technicians, interpreting equipment, and even local logistic details such as helping you find the best hotels or conference halls for holding your conference.

Our interpreting services comply with ISO 18841:2018, assuring you services of the highest standards.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Ideal for mid- to big-size conferences, product launch presentations, and organization-wide business trainings.

Provide complete language comprehension for events with over 20 attendees where floor speakers should not be interrupted. We provide you with the simultaneous interpreting equipment and sound system needed to achieve a succesful interpreting.

Consecutive Interpreting

The best option when holding small-size business meetings, legal hearings, business trainings, and such.

This service is perfect for settings where interpreting takes place by turns and the total number of participants is less than 20 people. Most of the consecutive interpreting services do not require any interpreting equipment.

Remote Interpreting

The perfect solution for holding online webinars, conferences or meetings with attendees from all over the world.

You can count on Traduality for both remote consecutive or simultaneous interpreting. We rely on available video conference platform such as Zoom for remote consecutive interpreting.

For conducting remote simultaneous interpreting we rely on our own industry-leading platform, compatible with multilingual interpretation without interrupting the floor speakers.

Sound & Interpreting Equipment Rentals

Whether you a are a freelance interpreter or an organization with its own interpreters, we go to your conference and other corporate events as your staff. Impress your clients and attendees with a professional team and the latest sound and interpreting equipment.

Our portable interpreting equipment is also perfect for tour-guide applications. Get in touch with us while organizing corporate guided-visits or tourism related activities.

We offer special discounts to freelance interpreters that need professional sound and interpreting equipment for their services.