Help Them Get Closer to Their People

Our contractors are key to fulfill our mission of helping companies succesfully protect and become closer to their customers, employees, partners, and more.

Contractor Application

Before You Start

It is important that you know Traduality is made of three different companies (Traduality International, Traduality Mexico, and Traduality Costa Rica). We will require you to sign a Contractor Agreement for each Traduality company, because of different laws and regulations in all three countries where we conduct businesses.



Please read the following instructions carefully. We need the following information from you in order to fully sign you up as one of our contractors. Filling out all the information usually takes between 10-15 minutes. Updating your profile in your vendor portal account may take between 30-60 minutes.


    1. Read and sign the contractor agreements: Click here
    2. Fill out your applicable contractor form:
      1. Fill out the W9 form if you live in the United States. Click here
      2. Or fill out the W8-BEN form if you live outside the United States and you are not a US citizen. Click here
    3. Prepare to upload your updated CV.
    4. Prepare to upload proof of at least 3 years of experience. It can be any of the following (only one):
      1. An invoice from one of your first customers.
      2. A recommendation letter from a satisfied customer.
      3. A copy of your university degree in translation or related.
    5. Sign up as a vendor by clicking here.

Please note that you need between 10-15 min to enter all your professional data properly. Also, please make sure to upload all the required documentation from the steps above during sign up. You will be asked to upload your documents on Step 4: Education and Professional Qualifications.

Upon completing the steps above, we will receive your request in our system. You will receive a confirmation email from our team if your documentation meets all the requirements. Otherwise, you will receive an email requesting you to resend corrected information.

Need a Customized Service?

We know high volume projects and large organizations come with specific requirements. Schedule a meeting with one of our specialists and get a service completely tailored to your needs.