Confidentiality and Compliance

Confidentiality and HIPAA Compliance at Traduality

At Traduality, we recognize the critical importance of managing confidential information, particularly when it involves protected health information (PHI) under HIPAA regulations. As a leading language services marketplace, we offer a dual approach to confidentiality and compliance to cater to our diverse clientele’s needs.


Our Commitment to Confidentiality and Compliance

When you delegate your translation projects to Traduality’s expert project managers, we guarantee the highest level of confidentiality and adherence to HIPAA-compliant procedures. Our project managers are thoroughly trained in handling sensitive information, ensuring your data is managed with the utmost care and security.


Client-Managed Projects

For clients who manage their projects directly through our platform, Traduality provides a secure environment where project files are accessible only to authorized users. This includes the primary account holder, invited users, and assigned translators. However, clients must ensure that the translators they engage through Traduality’s marketplace comply with their specific confidentiality and HIPAA requirements.


Platform Security Measures

Our platform is designed with robust security features to protect your sensitive information:

Secure File Management: Files uploaded to our platform are accessible solely to relevant parties, including those who uploaded the files, invited account users, and assigned translators. Users can keep work or reference files private when creating a job, adding an extra layer of confidentiality.

Data Encryption and Access Control: Access to data is strictly controlled and password-protected, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view sensitive information.

Anti-Virus and Email Security: We maintain up-to-date anti-virus software on all devices and use encrypted email servers with Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, ensuring all communication remains secure and private.

Compliance and Training: Traduality’s project managers are trained in HIPAA compliance and regularly updated on the latest practices and regulations. They follow strict guidelines to remove personally identifying information and require any necessary external translators or interpreters to adhere to similar compliance procedures.

Social Media and Information Disclosure: Our team is well-informed about the implications of disclosing any customer information on social media or outside the workplace, recognizing it as a violation of HIPAA law.


Partnering with Traduality

We understand that confidentiality and compliance are paramount in your organization. All the translators selling services in Traduality’s marketplace have undergone a vetting process, signed an NDA, and signed a services agreement with Traduality, guaranteeing high-quality language services. Traduality’s flexible yet secure platform also maintains corporate-level privacy practices to keep your files safe in our platform. We encourage you to read our full Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to learn more about our security practices and in what scenarios your information may not be protected.


Traduality offers a comprehensive solution for your translation-related needs. Whether you want to manage your projects in-house or outsource them to our experienced project managers, Traduality helps you streamline your workflow and access the best professional talent. Don’t wait; sign up today and enjoy the benefits of Traduality.

These Industry Leaders Manage Their Projects With Traduality

Traduality is simply amazing. Their translators and project managers possess impressive knowledge and expertise. Their fast and friendly service never disappoints. Thank you for creating a great product and service.

We use Traduality to manage interpretation projects. Their interpreters and technical support deliver excellent service to our webinar attendees. They are efficient, clear, and adept at resolving any technical difficulties.

Delegating projects to Traduality excels in providing exceptional service: timely, friendly, and professional. Their linguists, truly top-notch, incorporate all feedback for outstanding dedication. Congrats to the entire team for an amazing platform!