We Care and Protect Your Patients’ PHI

Traduality follows strict HIPAA compliant proceedures to ensure your patients’ PHI is handled and protected just like we expect ours to be.

Our HIPAA Compliant Translation Services

Traduality continues to be the safest translation company in the United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica for hundreds of companies worldwide. We know it is fundamental for you to find a partner that handles your confidential information and specially your patients’ confidential information with the utmost care and latest security practices, as well as making sure they’re all HIPAA compliant.

Because it all starts in the workplace culture, every single one of our employees must complete a HIPAA Compliance training that’s reviewed and updated every year during their onboarding process, they also get quarterly updates and reminders around it. Upon completing their training, they are given a HIPAA Compliance checklist they must make sure to follow when working with confidential content from customers, specially PHI.

Whether working from home or at the office, our staff must comply with Traduality’s HIPAA compliant practices.

The following is not an exhaustive list of our efforts to safeguard your confidential information and PHI but accurately summarizes them:

  • Confidential information and PHI stored in laptops and/or cloud storage servers is encrypted and protected by passwords only authorized personnel have access to. Each employee has their own unique password for their laptop user as well as the different tools they use to work.
  • We highly disincourage and forbid in the workplace to keep confidential content or PHI in portable storage units such as thumb drives or portable hard drives.
  • Computer programs containing confidential content or patient information must be closed and logged out of when not in use. Such information is never left unattended.
  • Our project managers remove any personally identifying information from content we sent out to external professional translators (our vendors), and vendors who need access to it in order to complete their job (such as professional interpreters), must sign a BA Agreement as well as adhere to the same training and compliance proceedures our employees do.
  • All of our computers and laptops have updated anti-virus software installed.
  • We use corporate email servers that encrypt email by using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol and split data into fragments, which are further encrypted before being stored in our servers.
  • Files containing confidential information or PHI are stored in encrypted servers only.
  • We do keep backup copies of both original and deliverable files for up to 5 years. However, customers can request to have any of their files deleted at any point during our business relationship (even have us delete their files upon delivery of a current job). We dispose of files by using advanced digital shredding that makes the files unrecoverable.
  • Our employees are aware that disclosing any type of customer information and PHI on social media or even outside the workplace is considered a violation of HIPAA law.
  • We appoint a Security Officer in the workplace, which is the person in charge of making sure HIPAA law is being enforced both in the workplace and when working from home.

We sign a Business Associate (BA) Agreement with customers who handle PHI in a regular basis. Please feel free to reach out to our project managers at coord@traduality.com to have us sign your custom BA Agreement or request a copy of ours to review it and make any changes you consider necessary.

Traduality is the first translation company to offer translation packages, making HIPAA compliant translation services accesible for companies of all sizes. We also invite you to learn more about our translation services and interpreting services.


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